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3-months installment plan (accepts all local credit & debit cards, subject to max limit of RM 2,000 for credit cards and RM 1,000 for debit cards. Please reach out to us if you wish to increase the transaction limit.)

Multi-currency transactions (e.g. charge customers in foreign currencies like SGD/USD, or 100+ other currencies)

  • Starter Plan

    Pay-per-use Free per month

    • FPX RM 1.50
    • Local Credit Card (via FPX) new 1.50% (min RM 1.50)
    • Local Credit Card (via Visa/MC/UP) 2.50%
    • Auto payments (via FPX) 1.00% (min RM 2.00)
    • Instalment plan 5.00%
    • Multi-currency 7.00%
    • Delivery handling fee RM 1.00


  • Enterprise Plan

    Tailor-made pricing plan Custom Please enquire on pricing


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